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With on-line shopping having increased 19% in the first half of 2011 when compared to the same period last year this is a sector which continues to grow and has a great future. There are varying scales of on-line retailing ranging from massive warehouse distribution centres to those operating from home with a storage facility in the form of a garage or garden shed, the important fact is literally anyone can become part of this phenomena with the majority of traditional retailers also having an on-line presence which is now seen as essential to maintain and increase sales.

The attractiveness of on-line businesses lie in the low operating overheads, in particular as there is no need for a prime High Street presence which would ultimately incur substantial costs in the form of rent and rates – just ask yourself how many privately owned businesses do you now see in City Centres these days? Negating these costs enables competitive pricing resulting in sales growth, especially in the current economic climate with the ever price conscious consumer.

It is not just costs where on-line retail businesses prove attractive but they can also offer a lifestyle, especially the owner operated ones which are home based, your daily commute could be cut to seconds as you walk from the kitchen to the office, normal working/opening hours disappear into oblivion as you can choose your own hours with regards to processing orders and updating the website. The working environment can prove very attractive; you could be possibly looking out over rolling countryside or a spectacular coastline depending on where you choose to base yourself.

At E M & F on-line retail businesses continue to grow in popularity with a number of successful sales and at this time a number of opportunities exist at different ends of the spectrum. How about the on-line retailing of gifts, collectibles and seasonal items, with Net Profits approaching £200,000 per annum, the business provides a most comfortable lifestyle and has the option of warehouse premises or can be re-located literally anywhere. With an asking price of £440,000 this may prove beyond some budgets but with an asking of £28,500 the on-line retailing of watersports/surfing accessories may prove attractive to would be business purchasers, in particular as it can be operated from home.

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