Sell a Business

The secret to successful business selling is…. Price

Business Valuation Service

Ensuring your business valuation is realistic is a critical part of the selling process.

If the asking price is too high then the result will be no interest and no buyers which in turn leads to frustration for the business seller.

However if you set the asking price too low then not only will you not be realising the full potential out of selling your business which can be extremely disappointing for the business seller, particularly if it is a sale for retirement.

We are fully aware that ‘Price drives demand’ which is why our experienced valuers who see thousands of businesses each year, employ all of our experience in ensuring that our business valuations are an accurate and realistic reflection of the businesses worth. Consequently, we achieve successful sales.

If you are looking at selling your business and have a dream of where you want to be - Let EMF Group drive your dream to reality.

Sell a Business

If you are looking to sell your business and add it to our ‘businesses for sale’ directory then let Everett Masson & Furby take the stress out of the process for you.

It’s quite simple – register with us and our professional business broker service clicks into place.

First, we arrange to visit you and conduct a professional business valuation. Next, we discuss how we are going to handle the business sale.

Promotion and marketing of your business nationally, both on our website and on national business websites such as Daltons Business, Rightbiz, Zoopla Commercial and Businesses For Sale which promises your business maximum exposure to potential business buyers throughout the UK.

Naturally, we will keep you informed and supported from instruction right through to sale, completion and transfer.

Everett Masson & Furby provide a comprehensive service for business vendors. We also help the business buyer, with finance and advice regarding the process of buying a business - It’s what makes a business sale click.

Frequently Asked Questions when selling a Business.

In order to ensure that you get a satisfactory and objective valuation, together with an effective sales service, it is essential to choose your business transfer agent with care.

These are some of the key points to bear in mind.

  • How long have they been established?
  • Is their fee structure competitive?
  • Have they the expertise to value your business?
  • Is their track record successful and respected in selling your type of business?
  • Do they offer a strong, user friendly website, together with extensive national marketing?
  • Do they provide a national network of offices with competent personnel based in your area?

You should expect the following from a good business agent:

  • Discreet and confidential service at all times
  • Professional valuation of both business and property
  • Draw up an attractive and informative prospectus
  • Be proactive and advertise your business nationally and locally (as appropriate)
  • Arrange appointments to view your business and vetting applicants prior to appointments
  • Brief you on prospective purchasers
  • Follow-up the visit by prospective purchasers to establish the level of interest
  • Assist the purchaser with finance (if required)
  • Maintain regular contact with all appropriate parties right through to completion

This will depend upon many different factors including:

  • Profitability of the business
  • The value of the Freehold or Lease
  • The condition of the business and trading equipment
  • Size and versatility of the premises
  • Location of the business
  • The demand for the type of business

You can help the process along the way by:

  • Ensuring that all the accounts relating to the business are up to date
  • Ensuring that copies of the terms of your lease are available
  • Ensuring that your business and property is presented in its most favourable light

When you have an appointment with a prospective purchaser to view your business;

  • Make sure to attend the appointment personally. The prospective purchaser will want to make an assessment of both the business and its current owner.
  • Allocate sufficient time to allow the prospective purchaser to view at their own pace
  • Allow for the fact that you may have to discuss the business in layman's terms
  • Communicate the outcome of the viewing to your agent, this will enable them to follow-up more efficiently on your behalf.

Advise your Agents immediately so that they can keep in touch with the prospective purchaser

  • A good agent will run further checks on the prospective purchaser
  • Negotiate how legal, professional and stock taking costs will be split
  • Establish a timeframe for transfer and completion
  • Whilst many transactions run smoothly, problems can and do arise. The secret is not to panic - just contact your business transfer agent. 
  • A long-established business agent such as the professionals at EMF will have seen most problems before and will be able to advise how to overcome them.

Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest EMF office – as one of Britain’s largest network of business agents we are able to offer:

  • More than 55 years of experience
  • A fine reputation that is second to none
  • Highly knowledgeable and competent personnel based local to your area
  • Totally independent and confidential advice
  • A professional but friendly approach.

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Advertising and Marketing

Having decided to sell your business you expect action and expert marketing of your business for sale.

At EMF we have a comprehensive communication plan to promote and advertise your business which includes online marketing including our own extensive website and promotion on other national businesses for sale websites.

We know from research that weekly, thousands of readers and website viewers see your business advertised - excited potential business buyers eagerly wait to scour all this media.

We maintain a database of potential buyers throughout the country who have expressed an interest in a particular sector of business, we email them whenever a new business comes on the market that matches their criteria. This means that when your business is added to our website a host of potential buyers will be contacted automatically not leaving anything to chance.

We keep you informed about enquiries, viewings and progress. We support you from the first enquiry to completion of the sale.

Massive advertising and marketing working day and night for you. Everett Masson & Furby – the Better Business Sales Agent.