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Contrary to rumours and any misinformation prospective Post Office purchasers may have heard, here is the official line from the Post Office and its future:-

“ The £1.34bn funding announced by the Government in November, and their commitment to keep the network at its current size, gives us the platform we need to modernise the Post Office and meet the demands of today’s customers.”

The EM&F Group are very much committed to the Post Office sector as are the Government whose commitment to the future of the Post Office is clearly laid out in its policy paper ‘Securing the Post Office in the Digital Age’ which can be downloaded from EM&F continue to market and sell quality Post Office outlets representing value for money, providing owners with a regular income stream with the opportunity to increase as new exciting products and services come on line for customers.

Those looking to buy a Post Office now benefit from a streamlined application process whereby they will be quickly informed of a successful application enabling them to progress to the next stage which includes comprehensive classroom and in the field training.

Post Office opportunities arise in many forms from large stand alone former ‘Crown’ offices which can attract a 6 figure Remuneration to smaller Commissioned based Post Office ‘Local’ branches which normally form part of a retail outlet such as a village stores, for a full list of Post office opportunities available through EM&F.

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