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The Price Is Right!!

In the current economic climate quality businesses priced correctly will sell - as did Canterbury Marquees through the Kent & Sussex office of EM&F Group. Would-be purchasers are looking for value for money. There are lots of businesses for sale out there but, if your business is over priced, potential buyers will not even come through the door. Remaining on the market for months on end, the business will become ‘stale’ and potential buyers might even assume there is a problem with the business and that’s why it hasn’t sold. A simple test when deciding on a marketing price for your business is to ask yourself ‘Would I pay that for my business?’ If you would not, then why would someone else?

‘Unlike some other companies, you were realistic about the company value, and didn’t promise the earth. Instead, you gave me a realistic valuation which was clearly correct, even if I did not want to hear it, and managed to attract serious buyers’ – James Gray, previous owner of Canterbury Marquees.

The role of the Business Transfer Agent is not just to find a buyer but also to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved – Completion! In fact, once a buyer is found this is quite often when the hard work starts, ironing out any problems arising during the selling process which frequently happens. The agent will often need to confer with solicitors, valuers and maybe landlords too – whilst at the same time keeping in touch with the buyer and seller to make sure that the sale proceeds quickly and smoothly. When selling your business and choosing a Business Transfer Agent you need to ensure the agent has the necessary experience and skills to manage the entire sale process from beginning to end.  

‘I found you very easy to deal with throughout, you made the whole process extremely simple and I am clearly delighted to have sold so quickly. You knew when to be more involved and when to take a back seat and as a result the process has been extremely smooth from the start’ – James Gray, previous owner of Canterbury Marquees.

Thinking of selling your business then contact your local EM&F Office or complete the on-line valuation request and one of our team will be in contact as soon as possible.

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